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Street Smart

Streetscape's StreetSmart program

  • Streetscape International as part of their complete infrastructure solution package will offer its Streetsmart financial solution to municipalities that do not necessarily have or cannot expend, its cash resources, on the upgrading of its streets with Streetscape's Smartpoles.
  • Streetsmart is an innovative 'Build Operate Transfer' financing structure that enables the Municipalities, Streetscape and the Outdoor Media Companies to benefit off the provision of Smartpole Infrastructure to a city, at little or no risk to themselves.
  • The effect of Streetsmart is to aid in the modern urbanization of a city at no cost to the municipality and potentially high fiancial rewards to the equity investors.

Streetscape can help municipalities set up large scale infrastructure projects utilizing Smartpoles and Street Furniture with its Street Smart BOT Solution. The biggest benefit of this Build, Operate, and Transfer solution is the minimum risk involved in the process. Our Street Smart BOT model offers you greater flexibility, lower cost, and a faster time to market your new venture. We operate the facility in a way that is most beneficial for you and ensure a smooth transition when you take the ownership.

With the Street Smart BOT, you get the benefit of a trusted partner to set-up and operate your subsidiary for a time period. It is the industry experts helping you establish another facility with minimal investment, lower financial risk, and quick infrastructure set-up. Once the time period is over, we handover the operations along with the manpower to you.

Streetscape with its unparalleled expertise and knowledge has provided a quality team of people, process, and technology to various clients. Our Street Smart BOT model is framed to ensure a swift start in your operations in a cost-effective and proficient way.

Why BOT Model is Beneficial:

  • When you hire a BOT solution provider, you get assured that best of industry experts will be working for you. Moreover, it is the responsibility of your service provider to arrange and manage the work space for the dedicated team. This way, you are saved from making a huge investment at the initial phase of the project.
  • Instead of handling multiple projects, companies can stay focused on their core business area by opting for BOT solutions.
  • Businesses find it difficult to hunt for the right people to start a new venture. But, with BOT solutions, you get experts working on the new project from day 1 itself.
  • After the transfer is complete, companies get their own team of experts who can further work on product enhancement or can help you with starting another similar project.

What Streetscape's StreetSmart does for you:

  • Build

An appropriate infrastructure, facility, and team form the foundation of a project. Planning a new venture isn't easy and we take this burden off your shoulder by creating the plan of action on your behalf. Skore Apps performs the analysis of your company's needs, cost involved, strategic requirements, and staffing needs. We work from scratch to build a profitable business plan for you. An offshore center is set-up per your requirements and specifications in a phased manner. Our team of business analysts plan the infrastructure, resources to be deployed on project, hardware and software needs and other operational requirements of the new project.

  • Operate

We will take care of all your operations for the fixed time period. The team of dedicated resources for your new set-up is explained about the entire process and specific targets are set for project completion. We take care of everything from process management, to performance management, quality assurance, and target achievement.

  • Transfer

The last phase of our BOT solutions. After the new process is completely established, the operation ownership will be subsequently transferred to the client. Finally, what the customer gets in return is an already operational facility that is backed by a team of experts. After the minimal length of the operational phase, you can decide to extend the operational phase, disengage, or perform the transfer.

  • When you opt for StreetSmart, we become your trusted partner to set up a complete and effective urban infrastructure solution that will be under your control.