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Traffic control equipment is critical in an age where traffic flow is ever increasing – it goes without saying that a poor traffic system severely impedes the value and desirability of a project.

Streetscape International offers traffic management solutions that are adaptable, effective, discreet and compliant with the latest advances in technology.

Our solutions for busy city centres include typical traffic control equipment, as well as cutting-edge real time devices for prioritising bus routes, emergency vehicles, traffic calming and managing pedestrians.

Smarttraffic™ systems have been approved by many major traffic management bodies worldwide.



Smartpole™ is compatible with the most recent advances in CCTV and related equipment. Streetscape International can supply systems that conform to the following operational standards:

  • Centralised multi-input monitoring and control
  • Increased efficiency and reliability
  • Real time video monitoring with excellent image quality
  • Low upgrade costs – input cards can be added for additional sources instead of complete consoles and CRT monitors
  • Multi-source display on projection screens, cubes, plasma and LCD panels
  • Ease of use for operators and facility managers
  • Customisation of configurations to suit all display types and layouts
  • Multi-system control on LAN networks