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Our solutions for busy city centres include cutting-edge real time devices for secutity and survelliance in addition to prioritising bus routes, emergency vehicles, traffic calming and managing pedestrians.

Smarttraffic™ systems have been approved by many major traffic management bodies worldwide.



Smartpole™ is compatible with the most recent advances in CCTV and related equipment. Streetscape International can supply systems that conform to the following operational standards:

  • Centralised multi-input monitoring and control
  • Increased efficiency and reliability
  • Real time video monitoring with excellent image quality
  • Low upgrade costs – input cards can be added for additional sources instead of complete consoles and CRT monitors
  • Multi-source display on projection screens, cubes, plasma and LCD panels
  • Ease of use for operators and facility managers
  • Customisation of configurations to suit all display types and layouts
  • Multi-system control on LAN networks