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Wireless Outdoor Lightning Controller Node Standard Version

The control node is installed inside the light fixture, normally inside drive box. The node communicates
with the gateway using SUB-1GHz protocol (ISM 315 / 433 / 490 / 868 / 915 / 928 MHz)

The node is a small wireless controller that installs directly to the exterior of the lighting fixture, enabling energy metering, remote monitoring and control. The controller node gathers data regarding the operational condition of lamps, energy usage, voltage, current, power factor, and fixture location that is transmitted over the iNET control network and analyzed by the iNET central management system (CMS) software.



Measurement and Control

The Node is connected to incoming AC mains and the LED driver. ts MCU manages data communication, sensor control, remote switching, fault management and status reporting.

Sensors & Expandability

  • The node provides extra I/0 ports for outside sensor connection.

Features / Benefits

  • Wireless communications for remote control, energy management and monitoring

  • Provides auxilliary power for sensors

  • Interfaces 0-lOV driver

  • Energy metering calibrated to 0.5% accuracy

  • Built-in photocell

  • Secure AES encryption

  • Supports automatic repeater functionality for optimal coverage

  • Mesh network supporting peer to peer communications

  • Supports continuous and up-to-the-moment status updates to the CMS

  • Integral GPS receiver {optional).



Basic Specification Description
Operating voltage 100 - 277 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power switching 450 W
Power consumption 1.5W@ 100/277V
Operating temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
Surge protection 4 KV
Relay protection Zero crossing
Failsafe Power ON, lamp level high
Wireless communication IEEE 802.15.4; 315 / 433 / 490 / 868 / 915 / 928 MHz
10 channel DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
RF power +22 dBm (250 mW)
Node to node range 1km (line of sight)
Node to gateway range 1km (line of sight)
Range extender Node can be used as repeater
Input/interface Motion sensor
Outputs/interfaces 0-lOV (sink) dimming, 12VDC (50mA)
Protection IP66