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Streetscape International offers traffic management solutions that are adaptable, effective, discreet and compliant with the latest advances in technology.

Our solutions for busy city centres include typical traffic control equipment, as well as cutting-edge real time devices for prioritising bus routes, emergency vehicles, traffic calming and managing pedestrians.

Smarttraffic™ systems have been approved by many major traffic management bodies worldwide.



Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity, is a term used to define wireless technology. With faster data transfer and larger range than Ethernet, Wi-Fi is the pre-eminent technology for building general-purpose networks and it’s a major attraction in modern developments.

Progressive cities such as Dubai, Philadelphia and Manama have initiated the building of widespread GSM and Wi-Fi telecommunication networks. At the forefront of the expansion of this technology, Streetscape International, in conjunction with Huawei Systems, has proposed a wire-less mesh networking solution integrated on the Smartpole™. This cost effective network can be as large as a city or as small as a college campus and is ideal for the following:

  • Infrastructure maintenance teams (eg emergency services)
  • Voice and data over IP
  • Online advertising broadcast from the Smartpole™
  • Control of systems such as lighting, traffic and VMS