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Smartpole™ System

Smartpole’s™ revolutionary approach to urban infrastructure is an established success the world over.

No matter how ambitious your project is, Smartpole™ – the tried-and-tested system allows you to customise your infrastructure in the best possible manner. The aluminium alloy track allows you to mount a variety of accessories simultaneously.

This turns each pole into a hi-tech hub that allows your development to evolve and advance with municipal needs and with ever changing technology. Smartpole’s™ flexibility has changed the way municipalities, developers, designers and commuters work and live within their urban environment.

This, coupled with the fact that Smartpole™ conforms to the uncompromising Australian (AS), British (BS) and American (ASHTO) design and manufacturing standards, has resulted in Smartpole™ winning both the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award and the Australian Design Award.




An Intellegent approach to maintenance.

The Smartpole™ System is designed by keeping in mind the necessity of easy maintenance.

  • Smartpole™ is treated with a graffiti resistant surface, which makes graffiti easier to remove.
  • Smartpole™ lamps are easy to alter or replace.
  • Smartpole™ lamps are easy to alter or replace.
  • Smartpole™ bases have an access-hatch for service authorities.
  • Smartpoles™ of different heights, within the same range, share common components.
  • A modular approach to design makes adaptation and future changes simple.
  • The adaptable track makes it simple to carry out functions specific to various sites.
  • Smartpole™ can accommodate additional parts even after initial installation (banner outreach, pedestrian light, traffic lights, CCTV camera, signage, future technologies etc.) without replacing the whole base pole and without adding new poles.


Functional Compaitability

Functional Customization

Smartpole™ can be modified to the exact specifications of your project. Lowercladding, light outreaches, bracketry and colour can all be made to order and design registered to your project.

Built to Last

Smartpole™ has been constructed to look good far into the future. Its internal structure consists of hot-dipped galvanised steel, while the external structure is clad in extruded aluminium. The final product is anodized and powder-coated in various colours.

Multi-Function of the SmartPole™ Series

The Smartpoles™ come in various profiles and sizes. Heights ranging from 1 m to 16 m to cover all your needs for urban pole infrastructure.


Demand these pros on your next project

An effective team with proven success

Every infrastructure project is different and despite our distinguished portfolio, there’s nothing we value more than our clients’ input. We place as much emphasis on experience and manufacturing standards as we do on creative intellect. This practical work ethic, coupled with a proven product, has helped us win awards all over the world.

A System that evolves with your Development

As a city expands, both the planned and unforeseen demands on your infrastructure can become immense. Whether changes are needed for events, advertising, safety, increased traffic flow, urban refurbishment, the incorporation of new technology or updated by-laws, Smartpole™ quickly and reasonably meets these demands –as well as the relevant codes and policies for such alterations.

No teething problems . Reduced costs

You benefit from many years of intense research and development, which means you won’t go through a trial-and-error start-up. With Smartpole, you can be sure your project will be up and running smoothly before the deadline – which also saves costs on municipal time-penalties you’d invariably encounter with a new system.

Local know-how and manufacture

Streetscape International benefits from making use of local skills in manufacture, supply and assembly to deliver your Smartpole™ efficiently, punctually and without any logistical glitches.

Relevance to your culture and way of life

Demand for our Smartproducts in high-profile cities all over the world has inspired the development of both Western and Islamic design ranges. Whether its lighting, furniture or accessories, we can customise to the theme of the project or the culture of the land.