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What is a Smartpole™?

The Smartpole™ is termed as "Multi-Function" pole and accommodates a range of accessories at any given time. Lights, traffic signals, signage, banners, CCTV cameras and a host of other services integrate seamlessly with the Smartpole™ system. What makes Smartpole™ unique is its patented track that allows for simple installation of a broad range of accessories at any height or angle around the pole. Made from high strength extruded aluminium alloy; the track is integral to the success of the Smartpole™ System.

The ability of Smartpole™ to consolidate existing and future street infrastructure onto a single pole has transformed the way government authorities, developers, designers and the public interact with the urban domain. Any existing service available on a street pole at present can be accommodated onto Smartpole™. The poles conform to internationally recognised standards in manufacturing and design - Australian (AS), British (BS) and American (ASHTO). The Smartpole™ has won recognition the world over and holds both an Australian Design Award & prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.

Who is responsible for Smartpole™?

Streetscape International are responsible for Design & Marketing of Smartpole™ System.

Why choose Smartpole™?

Government authorities are increasingly under pressure to create efficient public spaces that meet the demands of a growing city. The need to reduce the plethora of single use poles in the public domain with a product that is both elegant and reliable is why Smartpole™ is such a triumph. Future benefits of using the Smartpole™ System include WiFi, lamp technologies, reducing electricity costs, asset monitoring using in built devices gathering data on electricity usage and telecommunications etc.

Real estate companies will also benefit from the recurring revenue potential that allows the system to pay for itself through the use of paid advertising with its banner programs.

Above all infrastructure owners can not afford to spend huge investment on products that are not tried and tested. The Smartpole™ system is recognised by industry leaders around the world as the leader in multi-function pole technology.

Can I make it look different?

Customisation is easy with Smartpole™. The flexible nature of the system ensures that your Smartpole™ is distinctive from others and specific to your urban domain. Some simple options include custom colour schemes, personalised design features and selecting interesting luminare options. The look and feel is limited only by your imagination.

Streetscape International offers a full design service to customise the Smartpole™ to a required specification and project specific theme.

What about maintenance?

Smartpoles™ require no more maintenance than existing poles and in fact their use of modern materials and finishes such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel actually reduces maintenance costs in the long term.

Streetscape International offers full maintenance of the Smartpole™ system including lamp monitoring and replacement.

Where have Smartpoles™ been used?

Smartpole™ installations can be found in the capital cities of Sydney, Adelaide, Barcelona, Dubai, Dammam. Cities currently evaluating the prototype are Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Beirut, Bahrain, New York, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

How does Smartpole™ compare on price?

The Smartpole™ system is not a standard streetlight pole; one can expect to pay a premium for a world-class product with a life expectancy of fifty years.

The conventional light poles are designed for 160kmph wind speed with only street lights. They are not normally intended to carry banners, traffic outreaches, signage, etc.

Smartpole helps authorities to generate revenue through rental of pole space to media companies and telecommunication companies.

What about financing upgrades?

Streetscape International can fund the complete urban domain upgrade for government authorities.

Streetscape can offer full turn-key solutions on a lease back basis, BOT scheme type arrangements or a tailored finance package to suit.

We have developed partnerships with some of leading media and investment companies.

Who are Streetscape International?

Streetscape International is a Dubai based company. We are the designer, manufacturer and supplier of the Smartpole™ System.

Since 1998 Streetscape have engaged in the services to bring you the finished Smartpole™ product. We actively support the local manufacturing industry and source most of material within the shores. We believe in our product and understand that authorities and their planners are charged with the task of improving their public spaces in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have continued to expand and grow the Smartpole™ range to include street furniture and accessories and employ inhouse and consultant designers, engineers and tradespeople to assist us in the development of the products.

We hope you find our website valuable in your endeavours to create memorable public spaces. If you have any queries about the Smartpole™ system that you may want to discuss we are here to help.