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Our visionary approach to the urban landscape answers logistical problems with solutions that set a whole new standard in versatility, style and quality. As a city’s infrastructure grows, the need to streamline its facilities is vital. So we’ve developed modular products that work across the entire spectrum of urban services and technology — from streetlights to traffic signals, directional signs, telecommunications, furniture and utilities. Our pioneering system has had outstanding success and is undoubtedly the world leader in urban domain infrastructure.


Insist On A Complete and Dynamic Service

Streetscape International can assist you with every aspect of your urban infrastructure planning. Our project managers will drive your project from the design or consultation stage through to manufacture, installation, commissioning and regular maintenance.

Choose a Partner that will turn your needs into Results

Streetscape International prides itself on its wide-ranging experience in making urban infrastructures work smoothly. Our team’s practical knowledge covers project management, design, engineering, manufacturing and site disciplines. This gives us an exceptional insight into your needs.

Make Use of Our Resourceful Project Teams

To deliver world-class solutions, Streetscape International has brought together a diverse group of infrastructure specialists.

Industrial Design

Our Industrial Designers have extensive experience developing street infrastructure products. The result is a range of uniquely innovative systems that can be customised to the details of your project.

Manufacturer and Supply

With plants and partners around the world, as well as with a reliable and successful supply chain, Streetscape International supplies the relevant infrastructure products at the finest value and quality.

Project Management

The process from design to manufacture, delivery, commissioning and implementation will be co-ordinated by our professional project managers. They have the necessary expertise to work alongside the consultants, architects and project contractors, ensuring that the end product is delivered on time, on specifications and on budget.

Application Specialists

Our team of in-house experts and technology partners offer full and authorised support at every stage of your project, from commissioning to delivery and maintenance.

Sales and Marketing

Any work in progress remains fully supported by Streetscape International. We have account managers who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Back Office

Streetscape International’s back office has a state-of-the-art information and communication system in place, which keeps our service running smoothly and efficiently. We have account managers who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.