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Vogue Litter Bin

The bearing structure of the VOGUE bin is in steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate, T. 30/10, on which two steel plates, T. 30/10, are fixed.



The bearing structure of the VOGUE bin is in steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate, T. 30/10, on which two steel plates, T. 30/10, are fixed.

To the latter, on the lower part on the left, two pins are fixed, Ø 5x20 mm, one of them serves as hinge and the other one to fix the back of the bin. On the right side is welded only one pin which is used to fix the bin back. On the lower part of the structure, which is bent all over its length creating a border 30x30 mm, there are 4 M10 holes for the ground fixing with appropriate bolts. The cover, dimensions 600x400 mm, is made of steel EN10111DD1 20/10 thick, and it is created by the moulding of a sheet plate which has a padding 110 mm high and which is fixed to the bearing structure of the bin through 4 M8 screws. The waste-placing hole is made of steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate, T. 30/10. In the inner side, with correspondence to the hole, some curved steel fascias are welded, T. 15/10. Three M5 pins are fixed on the bin: two of them serve to fix the bin, whereas the third one acts as hinge. The plate is screwed on the bearing body of the bin through 4 M8 button head screws. The door and the back are in steel EN10111DD1, T. 15/10, and reinforced by strong profiles, T. 30/10, on the extremities. In the internal part of the door and of the bin back there are three solid squared tube bars 15x15 mm, T. 2 mm. On the door there is also a spring lock with triangular key in plastics. The inner bin-liner holder is in galvanised steel, 30/10. To facilitate the substitution of the sack, the bin-liner holder is fixed to the bin door through four M5 screws, fixed on a steel EN10111DD1 sheet plate, 30/10. On the bin-liner holder there is a border H 10 mm and W 5 mm, in order to contain an elastic rope bin-liner holder (provided with the container). On the sides of the bin there are two curved flanks in steel, 15/10, whilst on the right side is fixed a plate provided with a pierced sheet plate (holes Ø 5 mm), and with a central hole, Ø 20 mm, under which there is a slot 80x H 10 mm. Inside the bin on the bearing structure there is an element in order to support the cylindrical container for cigarette-butts made of galvanised steel, 10/10. This is placed in correspondence with the hole on the right side. The VOGUE bin is supplied with a base in concrete vibrato. All the elements (except from the galvanised ones) are then hot galvanised and polyester powder coated.




  • Graphite Gray
  • Stainless steel

Max dimensions:

Height: 1200 mm
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Capacity: 110 lt