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Traffic Outreaches

Streetscape International offers a wide range of traffic outreaches along with a complete collection of accessories that work together to look better, last longer and operate more efficiently.

They are easy to install, require less maintenance and are designed and manufactured to the highest possible international standards.

Streetscape International also employs designers who specialise in crafting unique traffic outreaches to suit the style of your project.

Our designers can customise your required traffic outreaches and accessories in Modern, Victorian and Islamic designs.

Smartpole’s™ unique flexibility allows you to extend the same design elements to other Lighting, Signage and Wireless accessories that may be integrated with the pole system.



The challenge when managing a road system is keeping abreast of the ever increasing traffic flow and the introduction of new technology. So far, nearly 10 traffic management bodies worldwide have seen the value in using the Smarttraffic™ range — a system that readily copes with current and future trends.

Any traffic technology can be incorporated onto the Smartpole™ system and Streetscape International provides stylish, innovative and compatible mounting solutions.

Accessories Available for:

  • Traffic Lanters
  • Pedestrian signal heads
  • Repeater signal heads
  • Push buttons
  • Traffic controllers
  • Traffic lanterns
  • Audio devices
  • Termination boards
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Traffic controllers
  • Traffic lanterns
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Traffic outreaches: our industrial designers can custom create outreaches to the specification of your project.