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Square Straight Wood Poles

Streetscape International offers a range of Square Straight Architectural Wood Poles made from from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, that has a dense growth ring structure resulting in natural decay resistance and exceptional strength.

Many of the harvested Alaskan Yellow Cedar trees have been dead for up to eighty years, yet are still as strong as a living tree. The only wood that can be “recycled” before being crafted into an object of design.

Why use wood instead of metal poles?

  • The inherent beauty of nature’s raw materials

  • All components are 100% recyclable

  • Wood is a carbon absorber rather than a carbon producer

  • Less energy is needed to produce when compared to metal poles



Why use Streetscape Wood Poles

Developed by Nature

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is naturally resistant todecay from moisture and insects. Other common wood species require treatment with toxic chemicals for preservation. AYC averages forty growth rings per inch versus five growth rings per inch for douglas fir. The ultra compressed growth ring structure increases resistance to weather and improves strength. Our poles are manufactured in the USA of locally sourced materials - All components, except for the trees, are produced within 25 miles of our production facility to minimize the energy consumed during the manufacturing cycle.

Designed to Last 100 Years

The hybrid pole design has been awarded both design and technical patents by the US Patent Office. The wood is finished with a water based translucent stain that can be periodically renewed, or allow the wood to turn a natural gray color.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

AYC - Alaskan Yellow Cedar - is naturally resistant to decay and insects, requiring no chemical preservatives or treatment. Wood requires much less energy to process compared to steel or aluminum. Many of the harvested AYC trees have been dead for up to eighty years, yet retain the same physical properties of living trees. Streetscape wood poles are manufactured in Colorado of locally sourced materials and components. 100% made in the USA.

Engineered to Endure

The laminated, tapered shafts are composed of full length boards - no small joined pieces. Finished with water based, acrylic silicone stains for lasting beauty. The aluminum components are powder coated for protection from the elements.

Designed to Perform

Patented base design allows for industry standard installation and wiring procedures. The cast aluminum base protects the wood shaft from landscaping and snow removal equipment.



Pole Height

Options 8 to 18 feet tall

Tenon Size

Customized Tenon sized to mate with any fixture or arm

Base and Tenon Colours

Options Silver, Bronze, Black

Wood Shaft Finish

Options Light Cedar, Sienna, Brown, Coffee, Natural