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Edgelit Banners

Attract major Brands with the latest Advertising & Messaging.

Smartsignage™ is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards and can be affixed to Smartpole™ via a number of different media.



Smartpole™ is designed to carry various types of advertisement banners. Mounting brackets are available for all types of banner systems, including:

  • i-banners, sandwich and side mounted type
  • Edgelit banners
  • Backlit banners
  • Fabric banners
  • e-banners

Light boxes to illuminate print media are easily installed on the Smartpole™. An illuminated sign makes a bright impression and increases the visibility of a message both day and night. Streetscape offers backlit banners in different sizes.

Streetscape’s edgelit outdoor banners mount elegantly on Smartpole™ with extruded aluminium frames. They are double-sided and their unique slim format ‘image illuminated system’ delivers a bright, even distribution of light, which is ideal for the display of large format images. Special technology introduces light along the edge of a Prismex panel, distributing it uniformly across the front and back panels. The banners are lit up in this way using T5 fluorescent lamps. The Prismex panel is recognized internationally as the brightest and most even light distribution system for edgelit displays.

Compared to the traditional backlit systems, our edgelit banners pass on a significant saving to you when it comes to electricity consumption and installation costs. Fewer components mean increased reliability and less maintenance, while the slim frame makes for simple installation and replacement of graphics. In addition to these benefits, our edgelit displays come with a 12-month warranty.



Size 594 x 402 mm / 841 x 594
Material High Quality PVC Flex
Weight 15oz
Application Indoor or outdoor sign and billboard applications, water proof and UV safe.
Printing Full Color, 720DPI, 1080DPI, Solvent Digital Printing, Eco Solvent.