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Attract major Brands with the latest Advertising & Messaging.

Smartsignage™ is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards and can be affixed to Smartpole™ via a number of different media.



Smartpole™ is designed to carry various types of advertisement banners. Mounting brackets are available for all types of banner systems, including:

  • i-banners, sandwich and side mounted type
  • Edgelit banners
  • Backlit banners
  • Fabric banners
  • e-banners

Light boxes to illuminate print media are easily installed on the Smartpole™. An illuminated sign makes a bright impression and increases the visibility of a message both day and night. Streetscape offers backlit banners in different sizes.

Full colour fabric banners are ideal for bringing a marketer’s brand image, event or promotion to life. Smartpole™ banners are reinforced for long-term outdoor use and can be erected or dismantled any time and anywhere there’s a Smartpole™ – university, city centre, municipal institution or within a housing development. Smartpole™ banner campaigns also work well as street beautification to create excitement over seasonal celebrations, religious or festive periods and perennial events.