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Many people have used boulders to help bring out the best of their landscaping projects. With so many uses for boulders, such as grouping boulders amongst plants or using boulders to divide certain areas in your garden.

There are also less common, but just as effective alternative uses, such as using them in a fire pit, seating, a fountain, or even a planter. The imagination is the only limitation.



Natural stone boulders are one of the most durable and beautiful accents to your landscaping. Boulders come in a VAST assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and origins.

The rock boulders consist of dense, sound and durable stones which are free of cracks, joints and bedding planes. So it’s free of breakage in a marine environment.

All stones shall be angular or prismoidal in shape. It shall be fully trimmed and dressed as per the project requirement. It shall be of sufficient strength to resist fracture and damage during handling and placing.



Sizes Dia 500mm to 2 meter
Colours Available in beige, black and grey colors