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Backlit Banners

Attract major Brands with the latest Advertising & Messaging.

Smartsignage™ is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards and can be affixed to Smartpole™ via a number of different media.



Light boxes to illuminate print media are easily installed on the Smartpole™. An illuminated sign makes a bright impression and increases the visibility of a message both day and night. Streetscape offers backlit banners in different sizes.

Our Backlit Banners give business owners the freedom to attract customers toward their storefront during all hours of the day. Through the support of Streetscape's partners high-quality printing equipment, all backlit banners are beautifully made with additional capabilities. These custom banners can be used year-round because they are also weather-resistant.



Size As per custom requirement - Maximum size upto 126" x 145ft.
Material High Quality PVC Backlit Flex
Weight 15oz
Application Indoor or outdoor sign and billboard applications, water proof and UV safe.
Printing Full Color, 720DPI, 1080DPI, Solvent Digital Printing, Eco Solvent.