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Austin wall washer

IP65 / EN 60598 / CLASS I / F /CE / IK09

A range of asymmetrical and bi-symmetrical wall mounted luminaires for use in uplight or downlight applications with a selection of energy saving compact fluorescent and metal halide lamps. Flat glass cover for minimum spill light. Austin is suitable for lighting footpaths, car parks, building facades, entrances, under canopies and signs. The LED luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance.



Low copper content corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum frame and body. Stainless steel screws and anodized high purity 95% reflective aluminum reflector. Durable silicone rubber gasket and impact resistant toughened glass diffuser. The luminaire is treated with a chemical chromatized protection before powder coating, ensuring high corrosion resistance. Integral control gear.



Austin wall washer Bi-symmetrical reflector


Model No.
AU-30561 HIT-DE 70w. Rx7S 5500 7.3 kg.
AU-30562 HIT-DE 150w. Rx7S 11250 8.0 kg. -
AU-30563 HST-DE 70w. Rx7S 7000 7.3 kg.
AU-30564 HST-DE 150w. Rx7S 15000 8.0 kg. -
AU-30565 TC-D 18w. G24d-2 1200 5.5 kg.
AU-30566 TC-D 26w. G24d-3 1800 5.6 kg.
AU-30567 TC-TEL 26w. Gx24q-3 1800 5.5 kg. -
AU-30568 TC-TEL 32w. Gx24q-3 2400 5.5 kg. -
AU-30569 TC-TEL 42w. Gx24q-4 3200 5.5 kg. -