Smartpole™ the world leader in urban domain infrastructure

A NEW WAY TO SEE THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT - Streetscape International are revolutionising the streets. As street infrastructure is progressively added, the need to rationalise these services becomes more important. From streetlights, traffic signals, vehicle and pedestrian signs and telecommunications, to furniture and utilities. It’s taken Streetscape International, to visually and physically improve our urban environment, with their Smartpole™ System. With the continued success of this system, Streetscape International has become the world leader in urban domain infrastructure.
The Smartpole™ System is visually attractive, cost effective and pragmatically simple. It employs patented technology to effectively reduce the number of poles in every street by making each one multifunctional. Smartpole provides the key to a workable urban street upgrade that benefits the local community and allows for future demands.
In simple terms the whole streetscape becomes cleaner and friendlier through Streetscape International vision and advanced Smartpole technology.

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